The Garden Front, Sir George Grey's Mansion, Kawau

ALFRED SHARPE (b.1836?,d.1908)

The Garden Front, Sir George Grey's Mansion, Kawau
620 x 380

Most painters who went to Sir George Grey's estate on Kawau Island had themselves rowed out into the bay in order to make a painting of the picturesque view across the water looking to the front elevation of what is today known as the Mansion House. Not so Alfred Sharpe whose main interest lay in the variety of foliage displayed in the garden of the houses's west front and the building's architectural details. The result is a unique pictorial record. In June 1884 Alfred Sharpe sent this painting to the second annual exhibition of the Wellington-based Fine Arts Association of New Zealand. It was one of 78 exhibits sent from Auckland for a show comprising 344 works. The work was exhibited again in the same year in the splendid " show window " of Phillips and Son's paint, paperhanging and picture shop in Queen Street.

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