Meta Grey - Light Series


Meta Grey - Light Series
Oil On Canvas
1120 x 840

The Meta Grey series, first begun in 1969, is a development from the Corner paintings in that each work is concerned with density of colour rather than with space. They were originally silent, sombre works dominated by the colour grey but later, as here, Mrkusich darkened the tonality to black and brightened the other colour groupings. These light coloured areas at the top act as a positive element while the greys or blacks below are the negative. A quotation from Susan Sontag's essay Aesthetics of Silence may be useful: " Traditional art invited a look. Art that is silent engenders the stare. Silent art allows - at least in principle - no release from attention because there has never been any soliciting of it. A stare is perhaps as far from history, as close to eternity, as contemporary art can go. "

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