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Wellington From Kelburn
Artist:AUBREY Christopher (b.1873,d.1902)
Title of work:Wellington From Kelburn
Date of work:1888
Size:500 x 875
Description:The quality of the Aubrey's architectural drawing suggests that he may have been trained as an architectural draughtsman. This panoramic painting gives a clear idea of the relationship of the city of... read more »
Wairarapa Homestead
Artist:AUBREY Christopher (b.1873,d.1902)
Title of work:Wairarapa Homestead
Date of work:1880
Size:350 x 580
Description:Details about Aubrey's life have always been sketchy - there is even uncertainty about his first name which may have been Charles. He seems to have painted throughout most of New Zealand, working in... read more »
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