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Meta Grey - Light Series
Artist:MRKUSICH Milan (b.1925)
Title of work:Meta Grey - Light Series
Date of work:1980
Medium:Oil On Canvas
Size:1120 x 840
Description:The Meta Grey series, first begun in 1969, is a development from the Corner paintings in that each work is concerned with density of colour rather than with space. They were originally silent, sombre... read more »
Alchemical Spectrum Green
Artist:MRKUSICH Milan (b.1925)
Title of work:Alchemical Spectrum Green
Date of work:1990
Medium:Acrylic On Canvas
Size:2438 x 2108
Description:This work, one of a series of five, draws on the Jungian relationship between alchemy ( the transmutation of base metal into gold ) and the process of psychological integration or wholeness.... read more »
Earth Radiance
Artist:MRKUSICH Milan (b.1925)
Title of work:Earth Radiance
Date of work:1963
Medium:Oil On Canvas
Size:1180 x 870
Description:It was in 1962 that Mrkusich first introduced circles, squares, isolated lines and parallelograms over the freely brushed areas of his earlier abstract expressionist work. It has been suggested that... read more »
Deep Blue
Artist:MRKUSICH Milan (b.1925)
Title of work:Deep Blue
Date of work:1963
Medium:Oil On Canvas
Description:1963 is a particularly interesting year in the development of Mrkusich's art in that it documents the transition from loose American abstract expressionist-influenced works of which Deep Blue is a... read more »
The Contained Waters
Artist:MRKUSICH Milan (b.1925)
Title of work:The Contained Waters
Date of work:1963
Medium:Acrylic On Canvas
Size:1370 x 875
Description:Exhibited Contemporary Painting in New Zealand, Commonwealth Institute, London, 1965, cat. No.47. From 1962 -1964 Mrkusich worked on a series of paintings called Emblems. In these he introduced... read more »
Painting Green
Artist:MRKUSICH Milan (b.1925)
Title of work:Painting Green
Date of work:1972
Medium:Oil On Canvas
Size:1730 x 1730
Description: The first corner painting,Painting Red, was produced in 1968. It was followed by a series of similar works all of which consist of dense flat monchromes in each corner of which are clearly... read more »
Artist:MRKUSICH Milan (b.1925)
Title of work:Head
Date of work:1955
Medium:Oil On Board
Size:450 x 350
Description:Despite his name, Milan Mrkusich is New Zealand born - to Dalmation parents in Dargaville. In 1927 he moved with his family to Auckland. From 1942 Mrkusich was apprenticed to a graphic designer where... read more »
Four Elements
Artist:MRKUSICH Milan (b.1925)
Title of work:Four Elements
Date of work:1965
Medium:Oil On Canvas
Size:1210 x 1165
Description:Mrkusich began his Elements series in 1965, unifiying them with a common theme which may be simply expressed as the combination of square and circle to suggest harmony, This is achieved either by... read more »
Painting III Green (light)
Artist:MRKUSICH Milan
Title of work:Painting III Green (light)
Date of work:2006
Description:Not Available
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