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Lattice 68 11Th Version
Artist:SCOTT Ian (b.1945)
Title of work:Lattice 68 11Th Version
Date of work:1980
Medium:Acrylic On Canvas
Size:1728 x 1728
Small Lattice No.43
Artist:SCOTT Ian (b.1945)
Title of work:Small Lattice No.43
Date of work:1981
Medium:Acrylic On Canvas
Size:762 x 762
Artist:SCOTT Ian (b.1945)
Title of work:Lattice
Date of work:1977
Size:1500 x 1500
Description:Ian Scott was one of the major contributors to the growth of modernism in New Zealand art which occurred in the 1970's. He left the Elam School of Art in 1964, and like most of the other artists who... read more »
Light Pink Light
Artist:SCOTT Ian (b.1945)
Title of work:Light Pink Light
Date of work:1975
Size:1530 x 1100
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